2 Electric Vehicle Stocks Endorsed by Wall Street’s ‘Mad Scientist’

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There’s this guy on Wall Street…

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His name is Adam Jonas. He’s the head of global auto and shared mobility research over at Morgan Stanley.

He’s a wickedly smart dude, who is very forward-thinking and has such a great track-record of prescient calls that they call him Wall Street’s “Mad Scientist.”

One example: Back in 2011, he told everyone that EVs were going to take over the world and hyped Tesla stock as a strong buy.

Tesla’s stock price at the time? $5 – It’s up about 170,000% since then.

Another example: In late 2019, Jonas said that the Space Economy was on the verge of hypergrowth and Virgin Galactic was a strong buy.

The Virgin Galactic stock price at the time? About $7 – It’s up more than 750% since then.

You get the point.

When Jonas speaks, you should listen, especially if he’s saying something about a stock to buy in the transportation markets.

Last Friday, Jonas did just that.

He came out and said that there are two screaming buys right now in the EV market.

Their names? Fisker (FSR) and QuantumScape (QS).

Specifically, Jonas called EV maker Fisker his “sleeper pick” in the EV category, believing that the company “stands out [with] one of the more de-risked and strategically underpinned business models” in the EV space. Jonas thinks that stock is going to $27.

At the same time, he said solid-state battery maker QuantumScape’s game-changing technology positions it well for blockbuster partnerships with U.S.-based EV players — like Ford and Apple — as they look to secure a domestic supply of battery technology. He thinks this stock is going to $70.

For the record, I couldn’t agree more.

Fisker was founded by Henrik Fisker, a legend of unparalleled reputation in the luxury auto market who was the design brain behind the Aston Martin DB9, the Aston Martin Vantage, the BMW Z8, and the BMW X5.

It should be no surprise, then, that Fisker has attracted a top-tier design team that has created one of the most sleek-looking EVs yet – the Ocean SUV.

Further – thanks to the company’s asset-light, direct-to-consumer business model that Jonas refences above – Fisker will be selling this Ocean SUV for just $37,500… which is an absolute steal of a price for a luxury e-SUV. The Model X – its closest rival today – goes for over $80,000.

When this car launches, I expect it to be a huge hit among consumers. The enormous success of the Ocean SUV will be the launching pad for Fisker to thrust itself into EV spotlight, and eventually, turn into one of the most prominent brands in this space.

And at this very moment, Fisker stock has huge upside potential.

Meanwhile, QuantumScape is breaking ground on a new generation of potentially game-changing solid-state batteries for electric vehicles.

The long story short here is that today’s batteries are built on liquid battery chemistry, and as such, can only be made to be so dense.

We are hitting that peak energy density today. To unlock a new generation of batteries that last longer and recharge faster, we need to fundamentally change the chemistry behind these batteries and turn the liquid electrolyte solution into a solid.

QuantumScape is doing that. But more importantly, QuantumScape is lightyears ahead of everyone else when it comes to making solid-state batteries.

The company has attracted a top-tier engineering team that is full of Stanford and UC Berkeley talent. That talented team has created a cost-effective way to manufacture high-performance solid batteries. And those solid batteries are already proving themselves as significantly superior solutions to liquid batteries.

That’s why Dr. Stan Whittingham, co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery and winner of the 2019 Nobel prize in chemistry, said: “If QuantumScape can get this technology into mass production, it holds the potential to transform the industry.

Thus, QuantumScape stock has huge long-term upside potential.

Big picture: Jonas is a smart guy. He’s one of the analysts I respect most on Wall Street. He said buy Fisker stock and QuantumScape stock. I agree. And more than that, I think these are investments worth holding onto for potentially multi-bagger gains over the next few years…

P.S. Speaking of multi-bagger gains, I like to say that where there’s disruption, there’s opportunity. And there’s a massive opportunity happening right before our eyes.

Remember how Jeff Bezos looked at the state of the retail market, and he created Amazon.com in response? Yes, this opportunity is that huge.

As you know, I don’t make stock picks on a whim. I spend countless hours analyzing them, creating models, and measuring their long-term potential. It’s how I got to be America’s No. 1 stock picker, according to TipRanks.

So believe me when I tell you that there’s a stock out there that could very well become “the next Amazon.” And this Tuesday I will reveal its industry, name, and ticker symbol… for free.

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On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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