SoFi Stock at $5 Is the Best Deal I’ve Seen

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As Aaron and Luke discuss in this week’s episode of Hypergrowth Investing, SoFi (SOFI) is one of those stocks that checks every box. And for a while now, Luke’s been bullish on SoFi’s growth velocity. Looking ahead to 2023, he’s even more bullish.

According to Luke, the up-and-coming fintech company is truly the “Amazon of Finance.” It’s creating a powerful super-app that tons of younger consumers are gravitating toward. Its suite of products is second to none. SoFi offers checking, savings, loans and credit, stock and crypto investing, not to mention educational content, custom budgeting, and sweet rewards.

As I alluded to, the company’s growth trends are exceptional. Sure, growth has slowed somewhat over the past few quarters, but it remains very positive. Luke points out that SoFi is showing 60%-plus product and member growth year-over-year. Indeed, across all KPIs, SoFi’s growth velocity is impressive – and especially so considering the broader macroeconomic environment.

Plus, the cherry on top? The end of the student loan moratorium. This company defined itself on student loan refinancing, says Luke – a business that took a major hit during the pandemic, when student loan payments were put on pause. But that major growth catalyst comes back into the picture in two months.

According to Luke, SoFi stock is already dramatically undervalued today. So, with its student loan business back online – and with the company already firing on all cylinders – it’s easy to see how SoFi stock could rocket way higher in 2023.

Following Amazon’s playbook, SoFi is doing everything possible to make the most convenient and lowest cost financial product in existence. That should solidify its leadership in the industry for many years to come. At $5 today, Luke claims SoFi stock is an absolute steal.

Despite the macro picture, Luke believes tech is our top investment option over the next few years. He’s looking at some mid- to large-cap tech stocks with great financials and sticky businesses that got grossly overvalued during the pandemic – but are now trading at some great discounts. And software stocks are a niche we’ve got our eyes on.

And we’ve talked about our “Big Three” – robotics, clean tech, and space – many times now. Well, given the path of inflation – and the wait time for a pizza on Halloween night – Luke thinks the robotics narrative is going to be huge. We need labor automation – for restaurants, deliveries, warehouses, construction. The labor market is bifurcated, and there’s a massive shortage of blue-collar workers.

On top of that, birth rates are falling around the world, which means that the already-small labor market will only continue to shrink.

Automation holds the key to solving the labor crisis we face. There’s enormous economic potential there, says Luke. That means long-term, robotics stocks are where you want to be invested.

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