MDA Breakout Stocks Week 2 – January 2023: High-Frequency Gainers To Give You An Edge

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The Weekly Breakout Forecast continues my doctoral research analysis on MDA breakout selections over more than 8 years. This high frequency breakout subset of the different portfolios I regularly analyze has now reached 290 weeks of public selections

Long Term Portfolios 2023

Momentum Gauge stoplight signals

Daily Momentum Gauge

Weekly Breakout portfolio returns

MDA Annual minimal returns

SRTS - Sensus Healthcare, Inc. - Stock Price Chart

SRTS Rover report

VYGR - Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. - Stock Price Chart

VYGR Rover report

Symbol Company Current % return from selection Week
BA Boeing Company +11.82%
(JPM) JPMorgan Chase & Co. +2.86%
CAT Caterpillar, Inc. +4.95%
(CVX) Chevron Corporation +1.59%
(BA) Boeing +15.32%
(CAT) Caterpillar Inc. +6.94%
(MCD) McDonald’s -0.94%
MRK Merck & Co. +5.57%
(V) Visa Inc. +0.04%
(MRK) Merck & Co. +4.36%

Finviz Chart VISA

MDA Frequency breakout chart

MDA Breakout frequency charts

2022 Portfolio returns

2021 Portfolio returns

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